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The Rules

Revision 13 : 23 March 2018

The Basic Rules:


Scores are totalled during and at the end of the game. If you are assassinated before the game ends then feel free to turn in your completed "target" cards and disarmed weapon stickers. This will help speed up the scoring.


Exact prize pot will be calculated once the list of combatants is confirmed. Entrance fee of £3 per person will be placed into a pot. Production costs will be deducted (labels, ink, small admin fee), and the rest will be put up as the prize.

There will also be individual awards for "most kills" and "most disarms" as winning outright doesn’t necessarily mean you excelled in either of those fields. There will also be certificates for "survivors".

The Detailed Rules:

  1. Every player gets 5 stickers (shown below) and 1 Target dossier. The target is randomly chosen from the list of combatants.
  2. The aim of the game is to eliminate your target using one of the four weapons (stickers) provided.
  3. You are not allowed to attack the target in the following locations:
    1. In the shower / toilet
    2. Queuing for food / beer
    3. During the boat race
    4. While actively engaged in a game. (and a few seconds following the game)
    5. While sleeping
    Anywhere in between those points is fair game.
  4. Similarly, any staff member who is playing the game will be immune while carrying out their staff duties.
  5. No other weapons may be used (especially water pistols), however anything at the LAN is fair game for "props" to get weapons in to play.
  6. You may only use each weapon once.
  7. If all your weapons have been used up, and your target still lives, you are no longer a combatant. However you are still in the game as a target for YOUR assassin until the game ends or you get assassinated. Its worth remembering you can still rack up points for disarming any weapons they try on you.
  8. Once you are assassinated you are out of the game. However you may still be in the running for a prize. Hand in your completed dossiers
  9. All stickers must remain in "public space". That means they can go on any external surface, but not inside. This applies mostly to using bombs and poison on bags, cases, boxes, etc. Internal areas are off limits.
  10. Weapons can be disarmed by the target finding them before they are "triggered". (details below) If you do manage to disarm them, retain the stickers for bonus points.
  11. Once you have eliminated your target, you get their current dossier, their remaining unused weapons, and you get to attach their "life" sticker to your dossier on them. This means you have completed the assassination. You now continue the game by proceeding to attack the new target. Don't forget to retain your completed dossiers to turn in at the end.
  12. Game play continues until last man standing, all weapons have been used, or the game time runs out.

The Equipment:

You are issued with a couple of non-weapon items. These are:

The Target:

The target dossier outlines who you are to assassinate. Once you have assassinated them, you retrieve their "Life" sticker, affix it to the dossier. You then inherit their current dossier and may then proceed to hunt down their target.

Life Token:

The life sticker basically designates your one and only life point in this game, once its gone you are out. When you die, you pass this to your assasin who attaches it to their "target dossier". You also hand them your current dossier.

The Weapons:


By far the simplest to use, but also the simplest to check for / disarm. The bomb must be placed on an item that will be sat on / used by your target. For example: you could stick it to their seat, they would then die as soon as they sat down. However, if they checked the chair first, and found the sticker, they will have disarmed it, and you then lose that weapon.

For interactive items like keyboards etc... the bomb is triggered on first use. i.e. if you stick it to the PC, its triggered as soon as they start using it. Obviously you will need to be within visual range of the machine to verify the trigger, and tell them.

Note: You may not attach the bomb to group use items like power sockets or network switches.


A far more subtle approach. Poison is for a food based attack. This is triggered by the target eating / drinking foodstuffs that have been labelled. This is a lot more tricky if you don't know the target.

Again, to disarm this one you just need to identify the label before you consume the food.

Note: you are not allowed to mark any food facilities provided by the event (microwave / hot water urn / etc).


This is by far the most difficult to disarm (or in this case dodge). This sticker needs to make direct contact with any part of the target. I.e. you need to attach it to their body. Anywhere is allowed except the sole of the shoe (no placing it sticky side up)

Ideal situations for this would be in a crowd etc.

Once the sticker has made contact with the target both players will enter into a best of three "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide if you were any good at aiming your gun.

Note: Be aware, if you miss, you have revealed yourself to your target. This means that they can now keep an eye out for you.


This is by far the most difficult to use. Similar to the gun, this sticker needs to make direct contact with the target. I.e. you need to attach it to their body.

The caveat being that *IF* your target catches you, you must partake in a single round of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to decide if the attack was successful.

Note 1: Be aware, if you are disarmed, you have revealed yourself to your target. This means that they can now keep an eye out for you.

Note 2: The knife cannot be used while your target is sitting at their PC (they would be sitting ducks).