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About LanWar

LanWar is the Multiplay community role playing meta-game. It was concieved back in 2006 by WhiteKnight and Cabe as a result of a discussion on the Multiplay forums about the "real world" game StreetWars. The gameplay mechanics are similar to the original, however due to the obvious issues with waterguns and high voltage electronics we made some alterations.

LanWar gameplay revolves around sticker based combat. Attacks take the form of label contact with your target (or something your target will use). There are various rules for each weapon. Once your target has been killed you inherit their target, and weapons, and the cycle continues until there are no players left.

The winner is the person who accumulates the most points (details on the rules page). Prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Prize fund is currently based on contributions, the more players, the more you can win.

The offical IRC channel for the game is #lanwar on Quakenet IRC. Please feel free to drop in and ask questions at any time, but be aware that your presence may tip off other players about who is playing the game.

There will also be a post in the Multiplay forum related to the event in question here: Multiplay Forums